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BMW 320 Convertible
Year: 2007
Engine: 2000
Fuel: petrol
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Qualifications & Requirements

Minimum age required is 25 years. Selected class mini cars City Rent will rent to customers who are age 21-25 with additional per day charge.
A second driver should be entered at the time of signing the agreement with additional per day charge.

Method of payment

The payment is in cash or by credit card at the begining of the rental


The cost of the fuel is not included in the rate. The customers receive the vehicle filled up and should return it filled up.

Rental rates

Daily charges are based on a 24-hour period from the beginning
of the rental.

  • from 0 to 4 hours - a half daily charge
  • more than 4 hours - a full daily charge

Delivery / Collection

Free of charge within the city limits of Varna and Sofia during business hours. For delivery or collection between 21:00h and 7:30h there is 10 EUR additional charge.


The insurance of the car covers the public liability, property damage and loss of the vehicle - fire of theft.

The vehicles are not allowed to leave Bulgaria.


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